Northwest VT Farmers Market 7/25/15

Another sunny day in Paradise, bringing music to the vendors and shoppers at the Northwest Vermont Farmers Market in St. Albans. A good friend of my aunt stopped by to say hello and as we reminisced about Joanie a bit, I felt like bawling my eyes out. I miss her so. 

I was born just a few stone's throws from the spot in Taylor Park where I stand and sing. Both sides of my family were based here, and I am mindful of the footfalls of my forebears during their daily travels, raising their families in St. Albans.

And in the present, Steve Blow got to hear the three songs he requested last month ("Crazy," anybody?). Tom Barnes, whose grandson helping out today, had his "Goodnight Irene." Lots of good folks, good vibes, good times.

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