Cooie DeFrancesco


Cooie has performed in over 200+ venues throughout Vermont, NY, and New England and is always well received. Although she plays in several trios, and bands including, Blues, Jazz and Americana, she also performs solo and as a duet under the moniker Cooie Sings. She has been playing in rotation at venues outside and including the greater Burlington area. Cooie's calendar has been busy with engagements at Stowe Mtn. Resort, Rusty Nail, Trapp Family Lodge, Topnotch, Double E, Art On Park,  ZenBarn, Tap 25,  Fresh Tracks, Gusto’s, The Quarry, Twiggs, Big Jay Tavern, Snow Shoe lodge, Blue Paddle Bistro, North Hero House, Snow Farm Vinyard, etc. as well as many Burlington area venues such as RadioBean, Foam Brewers, Red Square and many others. Cooie sings with a voice that amazes, and with a musicality that brings heart and soul to every song; and she presents and relates well to her audience. 

So please let me introduce you to Cooie’s clear and vibrant vocal stylings bring lyrics to life, whether she’s singing traditional tunes, popular songs, or originals. Her beautiful, tone perfect, soulful voice brings new life to both traditional and popular songs, and her music encompasses a dollop of blues, a touch of jazz, a bit of folk and some old time rock'n'roll. Cooie brings to each song a true and melodic voice as well as unique interpretive skills, using expressive vocal arrangements to take a lyric back to its foundation. Her beautiful and full voice is a joy to the soul and her passion for a song's meaning and spirit will evoke the same feelings in you I think her soulful, melodic voice will surprise and please you..

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