August 19, 2017


 “No-one could ever sing ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ better than Mama Cass – but you just did”.


 Stephen Sutton, CEO

Divine Art Recordings Group

November 2015:

Cooie, my partner Tess and I laughed and cried and loved it all when you sang the other night here in Montpelier at Bagitos. It was one of the greatest dates we've had - and, over 17 years together, we've had a bunch of 'em. 

I'm a business coach by profession, and love it with a passion. But, I'll always first and foremost be a musician (drums) in the deepest part of my spirit. 

I grew up on most of the amazing groups and solo acts you list in your bio as your big influences. I was blown away by your talent. You are absolutely as great as any of them! 

I'm so glad you've decided to go full-on into giving yourself and the rest of us on the planet the gift of your music and presence as a performer. 

We don't have a car, so we don't travel too far, but we'll catch you every chance we can, wherever you are. 

Keep on strummin' and singin', 
- Sam

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