Our virtual entertainment options deliver the same heartwarming musical experiences to you while maintaining social distancing.

Cooie Sings "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" & "Ain't She Sweet" Medley

Cooie Sings "Who's Sorry Now"

We can deliver musical performances in 3 ways: 

Live Streaming (Virtual) 
Video recordings (Virtual) 
Available to book in warm months: Outdoor performances where the audience can listen from inside or outside at proper social distancing. (In person - no-entry, no-contact solution.) 

If you’ve seen Cooie’s performances, you know how well she relates to her audiences and how much they benefit from her music. I know we can find the right solution to help you entertain your residents in this challenging time. 

We can find the right solution for you. 

You can reach me at booking@cooiesings.com and also at 802-363-0663.